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Our team draws on broad industry experience and networks to create the most powerful outcomes for our guests.Every staff member at ILIF hotels plays a significant role in the guest experience.Staff member at ILIF hotels are friendly, welcoming ,approachable and patient. It’s very important for our hotel staff members to be patient because we believe Patience is more than a virtue when you are a hotel employee – it’s a necessity.

We continually aim to work more closely to improve our service and we actively seek feedback from our guests: whether it is at the reception desk, in the form of an in-room questionnaire or an online survey, we use every feedback to help us improve our services. Website reviews are also monitored and discussed on a daily basis.Guest satisfaction at ILIF hotels is always a top priority and we actively work to improve the guest experience and satisfaction.We at ILIF hotels focus on creating a personalized experience to make guests feel like they are enjoying a home away from home.